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Marcel Gähler
Drawing with light

13 September to 8 November 2022

Marcel Gähler, 2021, Pencil on Paper, 6,7 x 8,8 cm auf 15 x 21 cm

Marcel Gähler works primarily in the medium of drawing, the entire layout of the sheets as well as all the valeurs are entrusted to the drawing stroke. The large-format watercolours are also in black and white, the quality of expression is the same without losing the specificity of the respective technique. The innovative approach also relates to the relationship to photography and the way it is made serviceable to a certain experience of the world and artistic transformation in the medium of drawing.

The elaborate process includes several intermediate stages, at the end of which stands the graphite drawing. The artist extracts extraordinary possibilities from it in the reproduction of reality, which is itself already conveyed, whereby the meticulousness of detail does not become independent. The continuum of the dense line structure, the grey values and gradations constitute a pictorial reality of their own. Alongside the narrative immediacy, there is often a diffuse atmosphere, the objects dissolve into light, dematerialise and become enigmatic. The drawings elude direct access; for all their closeness, they retain something weightless, distanced, balancing the moment of feeling and the value of memory. It remains a secret of these works that their intensity is rather heightened by this.

In addition to solo and group exhibitions in Basel, Bern, Boston, Brussels, Geneva, London, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Zurich, among others, there are participations at the international fairs in Basel, London, Miami, New York, Paris and Seoul. In 2019, Edition Dittmar published a book on the artist with 33 illustrations and text contributions by the renowned writer Peter Stamm and Dr Kathlen Bühler from the Kunstmuseum Bern.

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