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The experience of landscape

1973 to 2022

Georg Baselitz · Karl Bohrmann · Mona Breede · Enrico Della Torre · Marcel Gähler · Anna Gille
Joan Hernández Pijuan · Sharka Hyland · Katja Liebmann · Arnulf Rainer · Gottfried Salzmann
Margherita Spiluttini · Ernesto Tatafiore · Hana Usui

Opening: Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 12 to 6 pm
18 January until 8 March 2023

Meeresbilder IV, 1996, photography, 50 x 60 cm on 60 x 70 cm

In the course of the early modern period, nature, the immediate view of the world, became a pressing theme and the landscape became worthy of painting. Within the framework of the given conditions, the aim was a sober, meticulous approach and pictorial capture of the physical appearance of the world. In the following centuries, the landscape developed other possibilities. It was idealised and staged, symbolically exaggerated, loaded with emotional content and used as a projection surface for the most diverse contents.

It was only in the course of the 19th century that modernism gradually worked on objectifying this heritage. This development was subsequently driven forward in the examination of the subject. The further concentration on problems immanent in the picture, which always leave the subject its right, led to a concentration and resulted in an intellectual liberation and deepening. The great designs of the landscape through the centuries remained present in the background, the evocation of the sublime and the poetic moment, the opening up of space, the problem of perception, all this resonates in sublimated form – in the objectified and at the same time suggestive landscape documentation, in the sign-like reduction, in the cross-media and conceptual approaches.