Anna Gille, born in 1986 in Dresden, lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon.

In her drawings, the artist deals with the dualism of the given and the designed, the grown and the cultivated, landscape as nature and design. Various constructions of landscape serve her as starting points. These are images of existing natural places, such as parks, forests and wastelands, as well as screenshots of virtual landscapes.

A transformation takes place from the real experience to the photographic sketch to the work on the drawing in the studio. It is about the dissolution of the differences between the real and virtual places, in the encirclement of the motif a play with the concrete and the abstraction and the development of the structural core. If the chosen location still plays a role in the process of approach, the absence in the result of any narrative elements allows for an openness and ambiguity that detaches the works from their origin. In their final form, they are beholden only to themselves. The individual gains importance in the series as, on the other hand, the whole through each individual graphic formulation.