Lucie Beppler was born in Wetzlar in 1961. She studied Art and Literature at the University of Giessen, and then Painting and Sculpture at the Städelschule State University of Fine Arts in Frankfurt. Lucie Beppler’s works on paper are surface-covering images of great diversity in terms of line formation and surface treatment. The intensity of the leaves comes from the technical requirement to work with different instruments, pencils of differing degrees of hardness, engraving needles, cloth pins, oil pens and primers. Finely underlaid squares, grid-like lineaments absorb the dense line knots, intersections, overlays and endless networks of lines. Sharp markings and scratches produce burrs and furrows, even damage to the surface, further reinforcing the tactile, relief-like impression frequently produced.

The extraordinarily differentiated line formation, its more open or closed arrangement, together with the base, produce the richest lightness and darkness, depth and spatial impressions, despite the limitation of only using black and white. The artist accentuates how there is a shift from the formal level to existential content when looking at the images. These are drawn “cognitive processes” that include vulnerability, damage, finiteness” (Lucie Beppler). The artist’s catalogue published in the Edition Dittmar includes contributions by Jean-Christophe Ammann, Klaus Gallwitz and Mechthild Haas. Her works are exhibited in the Städelsche Art Institute in Frankfurt, the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt, the Hamburg Kunsthalle and the Hesse Landesmuseum Darmstadt.