Current Preview Review

Rudolf Englert

Opening: Saturday, 2 July 2022, 12 to 18 o’clock
2 July to 15 August 2022

Ibiza, 1987, Ink on Paper, 23 x 32 cm (8, 1987)

Rudolf Englert (1921-1989) developed since the early sixties parallel to other similar movements, such as ZERO, but largely independently his formal language. Systematically developed series of works, primarily on paper, were created in dense succession. The early cycles found wide resonance through exhibitions in leading houses, such as the Kunsthalle Kiel in 1962. The art critics, according to Will Grohmann in 1964, emphasized Englert’s special position within the avant-garde movements.

In the seventies, his compositions became more complex and pictorial. The written character as well as the echoes of musical notations, which became apparent early on, came more clearly to the fore. Englert’s approach manifested a fundamentally different approach to the other strategies of writing and writing gestures in the picture. In this way Englert opened up new scope and forms of expression for drawing with his instruments. With his supposedly “easily graspable and simple means, Englert achieved a multifaceted complexity, a lightness and density of effect, a sensual seductiveness and inexhaustible fascination.” (Erich Franz)

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog.